I'm so glad you found your way here! I'm Claire, an adventurous, silly and loving girl on on a mission to help everyone feel loved and know how much they have to offer the world. I do this by powerful coaching that rewires the way you see yourself and the world. 

I remind you how amazing and capable you are. 

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My Story

I didn't always see my own amazingness. I spent a lot of my life not making choices. I never stopped to think what I wanted - fear kept my trapped thinking I didn't know enough or I might get something wrong and look stupid. It was safer to just mould myself into the people I spent time with. This was fine, until it wasn't. 

I didn't know what music I liked 

I didn't know what activities I wanted to do at the weekend 

and I certainly didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. 

So I went with the options presented to me. Life was good and I did (most of the time) enjoy the things I ended up doing. I have been on many great holidays, adventures and been part of wonderful communities. 

But deep down I felt like something was missing, a calling that I was ignoring because I had never learned how to listen.

I was working in sales, when I heard about life coaching. It stopped me in my tracks...

I started to ask myself  what do I want? What do I believe? How do I want to feel? Finally it hit me, that was what I was supposed to be doing!