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How to have a stress free Christmas

Hi there,

I love Christmas! It's one of my favourite times of year. I enjoy spending time with family, eating lots of food and of course celebrating Jesus' birth!

I also know it can be a stressful time of year, with so much pressure to please people and make everything perfect. So here are my top tips for reducing stress in the Christmas period:

1. It's okay to say no You don't need to do everything and be everywhere, take some time to do nothing. It will feel great, and it will let you recharge your batteries to rejoin the festivities.

2. Ask for help Don't try and do everything yourself. Christmas is a time of giving so allow people to give you the gift of their help!

3. Take a deep breath When you're surrounded by people or things get a little overwhelming, know that you can take a moment and find calm in the all the busyness.

Wishing you a joyful run up to Christmas

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