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Feel the fear and do it anyway

This felt so real for me this week as I prepared to do my first ever speech.

I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn't seem to sit still.

I could choose to interpret these feelings in two ways. As fear, or as excitement.

I had heard before that fear and excitement are the same feeling and I never really believed it! Fear is horrible and stops you in your tracks! How can that be the same as excitement?

As the dreaded event got closer and I breathed into what I was feeling, I started to realise that it was true - I smiled and chose to interpret what I was feeling as excitement - and it seemed less scary. Which ever way I decided to see those feelings would determine the outcome. I just needed to breath, and go for it!

Once I got started the nerves quickly went away and the speech went really well!

There is so much in life we avoid or postpone because of fear! Well it's time to stop letting fear win!

What have you been putting off because of fear? Why not feel the fear and do it anyway?

Lots of love, Claire

P.S if you would like a conversation to help you feel the fear and do it anyway, contact me using the connect with Claire button on the right. I would love to hear from you.

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