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Do talk to strangers

I got back from a wonderful week in Morocco and then spent a few days recovering from sickness I caught when I was there. Now I've recovered my strength I wanted to tell you about what I learnt / re-learnt from the trip.

1. Do speak to strangers Everyone has a story and is willing to share it if only we ask. I met some amazing people on this trip and I learned a lot from them. We stayed in a hostel so it was the perfect place for meeting new people, but what if we didn't have to wait until we were in these situations to strike up a conversation with someone we don't know? The benefits are plentiful - it gives us a chance to hear new ideas, expand our worldview, gain confidence, or make someones day - you could even make a new friend! So next time you are in a coffee shop or on the train, why not put down your phone and speak to a stranger?

2. Perseverance is key The first time you try something new it will be hard. Whether it's public speaking, learning to drive, playing an instrument or in my case yoga, it takes time before we are good at it. I have tried yoga before and it was difficult and awkward and I couldn't bend in the way I was supposed to, but now after just a week of doing it every day it feels more possible, I am more comfortable and I started to enjoy it! We often set targets and want to achieve them right away, but we are humans and may fall short on those goals, failure at the start can lead to frustration, and it shatters the self-confidence you had at the beginning. The road to success isn't a straight one, but if you keep going, you will eventually reach your destination!

3. Never stop exploring This doesn't have to be to far away lands, there will be plenty of fun, exciting places nearby and the benefits can include - the opportunity to de-stress, learn new things and even change your perspective on life.

4. Don't drink Moroccan sea water!

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