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It's time to live a life you love

Have you been following a path that everyone else said you should be on?


Are you no longer in love with the life you live - and secretly wondering if there's more?


I am here to tell you that you deserve more, you are worth more than a mediocre life.


Fine isn't good enough anymore!

About Me

Hi, I'm Claire

Claire Life Coach

I am a guide and a wake up call for young professionals who are feeling stuck in a life they never chose.

I long for you to see your true potential, dare to dream those crazy big dreams AND start making them a reality. 

I'd love to speak to you if you are feeling the call to change your life - you don't have to feel ready, you just need to show up.

Reach out for a free, no commitment, phone call to see how I can help. 


Jackie Pope

Before my conversation with Claire,

I felt stuck and was hoping for some guidance. Claire is gentle but firm and will guide you to your own answers. I had an incredible breakthrough.



When I started coaching with Claire my mindset needed to be improved. Through the sessions, I learnt a lot from myself and Claire helped me find solutions.


Hilary Clark
Hilary Clark Studios

Claire’s insightful questions and deep listening helped me to eventually break the overthinking loop and gain tremendous clarity about what my business could look like – uniquely my own.


Life Coaching with Claire

 Work with me one-on-one

My individual sessions are tailor-made for you. They can range from a half-day intensive to a one-year coaching package and can include regular catch-ups and ongoing support, all designed around your specific needs.

Work with me in a group

Join one of my group programmes where you will build a community with like minded peers and all grow and learn together in a powerful group setting. 

My coaching is for those who are ready to make a change and transform their life.

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Send me a message...

Contact me today to discuss how we can work together to change your life.

Thanks for getting in touch, I look forward to connecting with you and starting a new journey together.

I live in Bristol and have clients all over the world so why not click the email below and say hi.

Contact Me

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